My Story

My Personal Side

  • Married to a truly amazing lady, Karen for 25 years
  • Four fantastic children, Nicole(Kyle), Eric(Kendra), Nate and Tasha
  • Love being grand-daddy to two wonderful grandchildren Caleb and Zachary
  • Proud owner of a german shepherd & golden retriever
  • Uncle to three nieces and two nephews
  • Grew up in Kitchener Ontario
  • Have one famous, talented brother, Chef D
  • Have a wandering soul, and have been in Central America, England, Tanzania, Israel, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and Dominican Rupublic
  • Friend and "adopted" son to several special people
  • Love to Dance
  • Love to Read
  • Love to Play Hockey
  • Love different cultures and trying their food
  • Love spending time at our trailer and having campfires
  • Love to lead, motivate, inspire
  • Sing almost on key *Love any kind of food, especially any types of meat
  • Love helping others

My Professional Side

  • I give 100% of myself to whatever I do
  • I currently drive for an exceptional company
  • I Pastored for over 18 years
  • I have officiated many, many weddings
  • I have officiated many funerals
  • I have led Mission teams in Haiti, Honduras and  Nicaragua
  • I Love to dream
  • I have counselled and done sick and shut-in visitation
  • Incorporated a Summer Intern Program throughout a religious organization
  • Fundraising for mission teams
  • I worked in management for a Stationary Company
  • I was a Site Supervisor for a new homes company
  • I am computer literate

My Passionate Side

  • I am passionate about loving my wife, family, grand-babies and puppies
  • I am passionate about caring for less fortunate people both here and around the world
  • I am passionate about walking with people thought life and death experiences
  • I am passionate about teenagers and helping them find direction in a big world
  • I am passionate about providing or doing the best possible job in any given task
  • I am passionate about life and making the most out of each moment we are given
  • I am passionate about inspiring people to be all that they can be